2019 Cooktop Recall for JennAir, KitchenAid, & Whirlpool


Model and Serial Number Location (Product)

5_Serial Tag Locations_Both Radiant Down


The serial tag is on the underside of the cooktop. If you don’t have access to view the tag, attempt to take an image of your Model/Serial Number tag by reversing the lens on your mobile device. Registration cards that accompanied the product also have the Model/Serial Number listed. The trade partner that you purchased your cooktop from may also have the Model/Serial Number on file.


If you have exhausted all means to find the serial tag, please call the recall hotline.  For US and Canada, please call 888-900-7897. For other countries, please CLICK HERE.

To determine if your cooktop is affected by the recall, please select your model number and enter the serial number.

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